Tarnished Reflections

Sixteen year old Miles Hagerty has been trying to overcome the grief of losing his childhood friend. Through a series of disturbing dreams, Miles meets Desirée, a heavily deformed girl from a dilapidated world, who is seeking his help. Miles soon realises, however, that her dangerous predicament extends further than the solitary domain of his dreamscape. Everything and everyone has a facade. Miles must learn quickly that appearances are not everything. All is not as it would seem beneath the surface...

This was my first novella and was among the top 24 as one of the Highly Commended winners in the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair 2015.

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Obtaining Lucidity

At the age of 17 it is compulsory for every student on the border line of adulthood, to go to a mysterious island off the coast of Cobh. Everyone knows about it, yet no one is allowed to talk about it. Once there, they will learn gruelling tasks on how to defend themselves; either through physical fighting, or gain the ability to lucid dream. However, should they step out of line or do the unheard of and fail the end of year test it may result in severe consequences...

It is the year 2053, and Ireland is a very different place.

For Cassie Brady, this is a chance for escape having been living in her parents’ old fashioned ways all her life; now she must venture out into a world she is not familiar with on her own and figure out what kind of a person she really is. With the help of her new friends, and a mysterious an intriguing boy who seems distanced from everyone else, can she do just that?

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